Norlender Knitwear


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Norlender Knitwear is a Norwegian knitwear factory and brand located on the west coast of Norway. Norlender offers Norwegian Knitwear and accessories made in Norway, mostly from 100% pure new wool. We are a family-owned business, with a history that dates back to 1927. Now 90 years and three generations later, Norlender is one of the few existing textile factories in Norway. We are very proud to be able to offer garments made from Norwegian wool used in yarns spun in Norway, and knitted and manufactured at our factory on the Norwegian west coast.



Norway is known internationally for the high quality of its woollen clothing. To stay warm in the cold and often wet climate of the north has been a key factor for survival, and wool is a natural fiber with the extraordinary properties to do just that. Norwegian wool has long and strong fibers with high thermal rating, a product of the natural evolution of our hardy Norwegian sheep. We use Norwegian wool in over 70% of our knitwear range while the remaining garments in finer gauges use European yarns. 100% Merino wool is used in a selection of styles where a soft and luxurious handle is required.

Norlender always uses high quality yarns and we cooperate with skilled spinners in Norway and Europe. The Norwegian spinners, Sandnes Garn is our main supplier of high quality Norwegian yarns. This is a company with a history of more than 130 years in the wool industry and someone we rely on for their expertise on Norwegian wool. Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk is a family bussiness with a history that dates back over a hundred years. Located across the fjord from us in the beautiful Osterfjord on the westcoast of Norway, they are our supplyer on exclusive yarns, like the rare Norwegian Fur Sheep. Scholler Wool, Zegna Baruffa and Transilana are our European spinners who supply us with high quality pure new wool and merino yarns. For specially custom made yarns we collaborate with Transilana.




Wool plays an important role in the Norwegian heritage and has been used in Norway for clothing for over 6000 years. In more recent centuries wool has been used for knitting, weaving, and felting, and it is the most used raw material in our national folk costumes. Advanced multicolour patterns were hand knitted and decked with beautiful woven bands and pewter clasps. You will find all of these elements in the patterns used in Norlender's knitwear. Our knitwear range is always inspired by our traditions, history and our spectacular nature, made into beautiful garments, suitable for the modern men, women and children.




At Norlender we feel privileged to work with a natural and sustainable fibre such as wool. Our spinners follow strict eco guidelines within their production and procurement chain. Norlender is, together with its partners, working towards producing environmentally friendly knitwear.